The Students’ Association of Economic Universities of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region (ASECU Youth)
is a non-profit international association of economic higher educational institutions.
It is known for holding two large-scale youth academic events
a summer economic school with a conference for bachelor, master and PhD students, a winter economic school in the format of workshops.
ASECU Youth is a promising semi-autonomous unit of the ASECU – an international association uniting scholars in economics from 60 universities and research centers representing 20 countries – which was founded in 2011.
The mission of the Association is to encourage and empower international youth cooperation, cocreation, cultural and humanitarian values’ exchange by means of initiating student scientific events including conferences, economic schools, meetings, and projects.
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ASECU Youth is a recent development being an initiative by younger members of the international scientific organization in the field of economic sciences ASECU. Students from university members presented a proposal for establishing a special youth organization, known as ASECU Youth, to the General Assembly.
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The goal of ASECU Youth is to promote the free exchange and dissemination of academic knowledge and information, as well as social, political and philosophical idea.
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ASECU Youth Board
Theodora Nasioutziki
Undergraduate degree in Business Administration
Responsibilities: Cooperation with external organizations
University of the Aegean
Elizaveta Labinina
Bachelor in World Economy
Responsibilities: Cooperation among ASECU Youth universities
Rostov State University of Economics
Vito di Sabato
PhD in Business Economics and Management
Responsibilities: Marketing & Promotion
Slovak University of Agriculture
Board Member
Mara Matcu
PhD in Marketing
Responsibilities: Marketing & Promotion
University of A.I.Cuza in Iasi
Board Member
Kinga Małek
Master in Finance and Accounting
Responsibilities: Marketing & Promotion
University of Rzeszow
Board Member
Dayana Asenova
PhD in International Relations
Responsibilities: Cooperation with external organizations
University of National and World Economy
Board Member
Aleksa Dokić
PhD in Economics
Responsibilites: Cooperation among ASECU Youth universities
University of Belgrade

ASECU Youth Address