On September 13-14, University of Belgrade (Belgrade, Serbia) hosted a triple event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Association of Economic Universities of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region (ASECU):

– 17th International Conference of ASECU;

– Extraordinary General Assembly of ASECU;

– a gala dinner in honor of the anniversary of the association.

The 17th International Conference of ASECU on “Post COVID19 in SEE and Black Sea Region – Responses towards SDGs” was held in a mixed format and brought together over 50 scientists from more than 10 countries in the region. Within the framework of the conference, the winner of the competition for the best research paper among young scientists was announced, who will be awarded Tsekouras Prize for Young Economists (http://asecu-youth.com/tsekouras-prize/).

ASECU Extraordinary General Assembly, which was attended by the universities forming the Association, was also held online. The reason for holding the General Assembly was the discussion of a number of issues:

  • changing the legal status of ASECU Youth to a semi-autonomous unit within ASECU with a common budget and subordination of the youth board to the “adult” board of ASECU by abolishing the ASECU Youth Statute and amending the ASECU Statute about ASECU Youth;
  • adoption of the draft program for the internationalization of the association;
  • discussion of the procedure for collecting the annual membership fee by universities;
  • measures to strengthen the competitive development of the SEEJE journal (http://www.asecu.gr/Seeje/);
  • prospects for the development of the Network of Applied Economic Research;
  • consideration of the proposal for the implementation of the Export Experts Join VET Program and the Summer Vocational Academy project;
  • introduction and official acceptance of 9 new member universities of ASECU, namely the French University in Armenia (Armenia), St. Kliment Ohridsky in Bitola (Republic of North Macedonia), Danubius University of Galati (Romania), Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (Russia), Beijing Foreign Studies University ​​(China), Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Finance (China), Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University (Kazakhstan), Birzeit University (Palestine), Daffodil International University (Bangladesh).  

Within the framework of the Assembly, the issue of approving candidates (universities) for the organization of the upcoming ASECU and ASECU Youth conferences was discussed. According to the preliminary meetings, the upcoming 11th ASECU Youth International Conference and Summer School will be hosted by Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovakia, in October 2022. In honor of the 10th anniversary of ASECU Youth this year, A.I. Cuza University of Iasi in Romania will host two schools with updated formats: an online summer school on 23-25 September ​​(http://asecu-youth.com/call-for-10th-asecu-youth-conference-for-students-and-phd-students-is-open/) and an offline winter school. Three universities from Albania, Armenia and Slovakia took the initiative to host the next 18th International Conference of ASECU.

On the initiative of ASECU Youth Board, in honor of the solemn date of ASECU, ASECU Anniversary Edition was prepared and presented, describing the activities and achievements of the Association, as well as containing profiles of all ASECU member universities with a brief overview of international scientific events and publishing opportunities in the universities both for professors and students.

Link to ASECU Anniversary Edition: http://asecu-youth.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/ASECU-Anniversary-EDITION_compressed.pdf