Dear ASECU Youth community,

In honor of ASECU 25th Anniversary we decided to make our contribution and create something useful for you – ASECU students and professors. We have elaborated ASECU Anniversary Edition that would be helpful for you to extend your research opportunities and collaboration with our member universities.

The Anniversary Edition contains information about:

  • Aims and scope of ASECU Board of Governors of ASECU,
  • History of the ASECU & ASECU Youth,
  • Milestones of ASECU & ASECU Youth,
  • International Conferences of ASECU,
  • General Assemblies of ASECU,
  • South Eastern Europe Journal of Economics (SEEJE),
  • NAER,
  • all ASECU member universities and their annual scientific events (including the fees, links to the events), as well as their publication opportunities (a range of journals).

Take a look at the ASECU Anniversary Edition and be generous to share it with your peers, colleagues and friends.

Link to ASECU Anniversary Edition:

With love and care,

ASECU Youth Board.