On 13 October 2021, ASECU Youth Board members, Milena Balanova, President of ASECU Youth, and Violina Kirilova, Secretary of ASECU Youth joined the quarterly network meeting initiated by SDSN Youth Russia. By results of the meeting ASECU Youth expressed its willingness and readiness to perform as a platform for organizing SDG-related events in the frame of one of the upcoming schools to foster cooperation and added value of associations’ interaction and missions.

More about SDSN Youth Russia: https://www.facebook.com/sdsnyouthrussia

On 27 November 2021, ASECU Youth was invited to the SDSN Youth MOs Networking Event organized by SDSN Youth Black Sea Network Coordinator Evangelia Savvidou. The goals of the event were to get to know all the Member Organizations of the region and the work they do, to network with one another and to explore possible pathways of common action, collaboration and support.

By the end of the event, ASECU Youth committed on engaging ASECU academic and research community as well as ASECU Youth PhD students in the upcoming SDSN Youth Black Sea events in the role of experts, moderators or participants.

More about the meeting: https://www.facebook.com/asecuyouth/posts/2137482606405947

More about SDSN Youth Black Sea: https://sdsn-blacksea.auth.gr/