The Association of Economic Universities of South-Eastern Europe (ASECU) starts its history in November, 1996. After appropriate preparatory work, rector of the University of Macedonia (Greece) Professor Yannis Tsekouras took initiative to invite all the relevant heads of economic universities in Thessaloniki, including schools, faculties and departments with the intention to discuss the establishment of an educational institution at the international level. The initiative was to found an association, whose primary purpose would be promoting interests of the Economic Universities in South and Eastern Europe, as well as Black Sea Region, which are public, recognized or financed by their states. Thus, 32 Economic Universities and Economic Faculties from Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Yugoslavia became founding members of the Association known today.

At the founding meeting, the ASECU Statute was approved and it was decided to expand association with eligible universities from other countries.

By decision taken at the General Assembly in 2007, the full ASECU name was revised and changed to “Association of Economic Universities of South and Eastern Europe and the Black Sea Region (ASECU)”. It was also decided to grant associate membership status to universities from Middle East and North-Eastern Africa (article 4, §4 of Statute). This decision was made in response to the expressed interest in other regions to join the Association.

Today, the ASECU is proud of its 60 members − Universities and Scientific Research Centers − from 20 countries. Forty-six universities from the countries of Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine joined ASECU as Full members. Besides, the Association of ASECU accepted 9 Universities from China, Egypt, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Lebanon and Palestine as its Associated members. 

Until now, the Association enthusiastically organized 15 International Conferences. They were held in Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Montenegro, Russia, Poland, North Macedonia (then FYROM), Turkey and Slovakia. The ASECU Youth is a relatively recent development being an initiative by younger members of the international scientific organization in the field of economic sciences ASECU. Its history begins when students from university members presented a proposal for establishing a special youth organization, known as the ASECU Youth, to the General Assembly. ASECU members enthusiastically welcomed the idea and had the pleasure to see the younger members of the Association establishing their own structures and setting out a programme of action. The birth of the ASECU Youth takes place in Russia in 2011. This is an important year for Rostov State University of Economics. Celebrating its 80th Anniversary and in parallel with the 15th Anniversary of ASECU, the university hosted the 1st Summer School of the ASECU students. Thus the ASECU Youth was born.

1st ASECU Youth International Conference and Summer School “Relevant Issues of Development of World Economy and Economy of Countries of the Southern and Eastern Europe”, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Since then, next (ten) 10 ASECU Youth Summer Schools and Conferences were organized by universities in Romania, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Greece and Bulgaria.

In February 2020, with the assistance of ASECU, the Youth Association has already organized and successfully implemented its new ambitious project – first ASECU Youth Winter school! It was held in Polanczyk and hosted by the University of Rzeszów, Poland.

1st ASECU Youth Winter School “Via Carpatia – a Route to the Future: Socio-Economic and Geopolitical Aspects”, Polanczyk, Poland

Every year ASECU Youth enjoys particular attention and interest from students. With great ambitions, they are looking forward and work hard for the upcoming events, ready to create, gain knowledge, make new friendships and be part of the history of the students’ association!