The goal of the Association is to promote the free exchange and dissemination of academic knowledge and information, as well as social, political and philosophical ideas.

The specific goals of the Association

To promote cooperation between students’ associations of Economic Universities, Faculties and Departments, whether public, officially recognized or funded by the state in which they are established;
To exchange views and information about syllabi;
To allow harmonizing of qualifications of the universities or faculties whose students’ associations belong to the Association;
To organize exchanges among undergraduate and postgraduate students;
To organize international and/or national academic conferences/seminars, to exchange information and ideas on trends in the labour market, vocational guidance and job finding.
to provide opportunities for harmonising the degrees of faculties and departments of the universities participating in the Association
to promote cooperation between economic universities, faculties, departments in the field of research for the benefit of the economy, the society, peace and the cultural development of the countries referred to the Association.


The mission of the Association is to encourage and empower international youth cooperation, cocreation, cultural and humanitarian values’ exchange by means of initiating student scientific events including conferences, economic schools, meetings, and projects.


The vision of ASECU Youth is to become one of the top credible international platforms for youth researchers in the field of economics, known as a place, where the students and young economists find the opportunities to enrich themselves and to develop a new, bright and sustainable future for the world!


The values of the Association are based on

– integrity,

– creativity,

– consciousness,

– tolerance,

– diversity, and

– objectivity.


“Uniting young researchers today for the sustainable society tomorrow!”