We had the pleasure to receive a new application for membership in July the Board of Governors of ASECU accepted. The University “St Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola (Republic of North Macedonia) joined ASECU as a regular member.

University “St Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola is a public university founded in 1979. It has 10 faculties, 1 higher vocational school and 1 scientific institute (Faculty of Technical Sciences – Bitola; Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies – Bitola; Faculty of Technology and Technical Sciences – Veles; Faculty of Economics – Prilep; Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality – Ohrid; Faculty of Education – Bitola; Faculty of Security – Skopje; Faculty of Law – Kichevo; Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences – Bitola; Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Bitola; Higher Medical School – Bitola; Tobacco Institute – Prilep).

The Faculty of Economics, located centrally in the city of Prilep, is one of the oldest constituent units of UKLO and is situated in a faculty building of over 3000 sq m, with 5 lecture theaters and 8 classrooms, practical instruction classrooms fully equipped with computers and a video-conferencing hall with 24 seats. The Faculty has quality access to wi-fi and possesses multimedia equipment necessary for the teaching process.

The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality is another UKLO unit located in a city other than the University seat, in Ohrid, by the Lake. The teaching process there is delivered in one large lecture theater and 7 lecture rooms, 2 foreign language classrooms + language labs and a specially equipped Informatics classroom.

Both faculties have their own libraries, with substantial publications in the respective areas of interest, with access to latest editions of journals and magazine, as well as the mandatory copies of all thesis defended by PhD candidates at either of the faculties.

University “St Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola focuses on international academic and research cooperation. It is a member of EUA, AUF, BUA, and Magna Charta. It signed over 70 agreements for bilateral cooperation with HEIs from the region, Europe and wider, globally, and about 170 ERASMUS + inter-institutional agreements with programme country HEIs and several with partner countries (ERASMUS UNIVERSITY CHARTER holder since April 2009 (ERASMUS Code: MK BITOLA01).

University website: https://www.uklo.edu.mk/

Both ASECU and ASECU Youth are looking forward to fruitful collaboration with tremendous academic outcomes working together with University “St Kliment Ohridski” – Bitola!

At the moment ASECU has 59 members from 20 countries.

The year 2020 is rich in accepting new members of ASECU. To see other universities that have joined ASECU this year, please, read the news article below.