We are proud and extremely happy to announce the Tsekouras Prize winner 2022!

Emmanuel Agboola, Rosen Chowdbury, Bo Yang from Swansea University (United Kingdom), presented the paper “Asymmetries and impact of oil price transmission in oil exporting emerging economies” at the 10th AYIC & SS held by Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi in Romania. By results of the anonymous review process by the three-party Scientific Committee of the Conference the best paper was selected among 6 other papers presented by students from Armenia, Poland, Russia, North Macedonia.

Traditionally, the best ASECU Youth papers and the award ceremony are held at the upcoming Conference of ASECU and the author of the best paper is awarded the Certificate of Honor and the Tsekouras Prize for Young Economists (500 Euro).

This year, the 18th ASECU International Conference entitled “SOCIO-ECONOMIC CHALLENGES IN THE POST PANDEMIC PERIOD” was held on September 22-23, 2022 by University “Fan S. Noli”, Faculty of Economics, Korca, Albania.

ASECU and ASECU Youth is a scientific community that aims to spot pure research and encourage young promising economists with prizes and privileged publication opportunities.

We look forward to new students at the next ASECU Youth International Conferences and Summer Schools who would compete for the Tsekouras Prize for Young Economists!

More information on the prize can be found here: http://asecu-youth.com/tsekouras-prize/